The Rope Project

Reaching out to people escaping

What's it all about?

There are many reasons why men, women and families stay in an abusive relationship.

The Rope Project was set up in April 2021 by Toni, Iain and James, when they became aware that there was nothing in their local area, to offer practical support to a young single mother of three, after she had made the courageous move to flee domestic abuse.

Once The Rope Project was set up, as a Volunteer run, Not For Profit Community Interest Company, in the remaining 8 months of 2021, the guys, with the support of the local community, helped 400 families with clothing, kitchen and bedding essentials. Since inception, The Rope Project has helped over 3000 families in this way and we are looking for support to do more and more

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Abusers control every aspect of their victim’s life – making it impossible to have a job or financial independence.


Many are afriad to leave and feel isolated from friends. family, and social networks. Becoming independant isn't always easy.


Victims are left unable to support themselves or their children. They may also fear having their children taken away.

The Team

The Rope Project Team are made of of Organisers, Volunteers, Drivers, Operations, Designers, and more. We are lost without their support.

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I am a mum of 7, so I live a very hectic life, fuelled on love and black coffee.

With 20 years of experience working in the voluntary sector around homeless, drugs and alcohol abuse, plus domestic abuse I have a lot of empathy for those in need x

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I work full time as a computer geek. As Toni's partner of 20+ years I'm here to support her and often find myself collecting donations and if required do referrals.

I've learnt happy wife = happy life 🤣

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I drive for the rope project and support Toni (or as I call her, Sat Nag 😂),with anything else that's needed.

Myself, my wife and 3 children consider Toni, Iain and their children as our family.

In My spare time I teach Kwick Cricket. You'll be seeing me as I pick up/drop off items to those in need