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The Rope Project was set up in April 2021 as a non profit organisation helping men, women and families who have fled domestic violence by providing household items free of charge.

from April 2021 to August 2023, The Rope Project has helped over 3000 families start again

We at The Rope Project , are very proud of the fact that whilst helping the most vulnerable people, we have also been able to implement a reuse to recycle policy, by gifting clothes, kitchen equipment and bedding, that our local community has kindly offered free of charge. Much of this could otherwise, have ended in landfill, whereas we have been able to reuse it to benefit others in a direct and practical way.

As you donate today, be proud that you are part of a movement, helping those who need our support in escaping.

Fundraising keeps our support service available. We help thousands of men, women, and families every year to build a home after escaping abuse or homelessness, none of this would be possible without people like you.

Please donate to our life changing work by using one of the links below, or contact us directly Here

Christmas wishlist

Our Christmas wishlist

Our wishlist aims to support the most vulnerable people return to a normal life with basic amenities. This christmas, can you help by giving a small gift to those who have started again?

Homelessness Amazon wishlist

Homelessness wishlist

Shelter estimates that on a given night in 2022 there will have been over 1614 people recorded as homeless in Nottingham, which is a rate of 1 in 201 people. This is the highest rate of homelessness in the East Midlands.

Can you support us?

Here at the Rope Project, we are committed to helping vulnerable people and families, in their time of need. helping people to get back on their feet, after taking the courageous step to leave an abusive relationship, often means starting again as a single parent, with nothing.

Without our fantastic supporters and the assistance we receive from local businesses and organisations, we simply could not do what we do.

Thank you to all of our supporters for making The Rope Project possible. Here we would like to acknowledge some of the local businesses and organisations that help us to keep helping others.

Lion Clobs International

Edwinstowe & The Dukeries

Lions Club CIO

Lions Clubs International is a secular, non-political, volunteer membership organisation.

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sherwood florist

Sherwood Florist


Sherwood Florist is a local independant Florist offering a friendly personalised service.

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The original factory shop

The Original Factory Shop

New ollerton

Up to 70% off big brands & in the heart of the local community. Big bargains = big savings!

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Smoke and Ice

Smoke and Ice Restaurant

Edwinstowe & Retford

This is the start of your smokey adventure

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Mike Pringle

Mike Pringle

Mike Pringle, County Councillor for ollerton

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